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Parent Volunteers

Volunteers are critical to the success of NYFA. Parents are required to volunteer at games and one of the events held during the season. Players and cheerleaders lose veteran status if parents do not fulfill their volunteer requirement. Listed below are the many volunteer opportunities NYFA offers parents.

Game Day Volunteer Positions

Chain Gang

The chain gang consists of 3 people. Two people hold the yard markers for the referees. The third person holds the down marker. The chain gang moves up and down the field with the yard markers as directed by the referees.

Field Spotter

Tracks the number of plays in which each player participates in each half

Action Photographer

Takes pictures of players and cheerleaders during the game, uploads pictures to the Shutterfly site, and submits a few action shots for inclusion in media articles

Media Writer

Writes short article summarizing game for inclusion on the website


Introduces players, cheerleaders, and coaches, recaps plays during the game and makes miscellaneous announcements (e.g., concessions, 50/50 raffle, etc.)

Booth Spotter

Identifies the players that participate in the play for the announcer

Game Clock

Starts and stops the clock when signaled by the referee and runs the scoreboard

Water and Cups

Brings the water cooler and water bottles to the game filled with water, refills the water cooler and water bottles at halftime, brings small paper or plastic cups to the game

Halftime Fruit

Brings fruit for players to the game to eat during halftime (e.g., bananas, oranges cut into quarters and bagged, grapes in bags, etc.)

50/50 Raffle

Sell tickets during the first half of the game


Event Volunteer Positions

Golf Outing

Be a part of the planning committee! Assistance will be needed to secure sponsors and donations, recruit golfers and non-golfers, and assist with the setup on outing day. Stay connected with other committee members throughout planning (spring/summer) and on outing day (August).

Football Equipment Handout

Join in on the excitement when players pick up their equipment! Assist us with fitting tackle players for their practice and game pants, pads, and helmets. Make sure everyone leaves with all items from their checklist.

NYFA Homecoming

Looking for volunteers to assist with decorating for our homecoming game. This will include arriving early on game day to hang homecoming posters, balloons, banners, etc. We will also need assistance to help make sure we leave the field looking clean at the end of gameday.


Our Banquet committee will begin planning for the end of season banquets during late September. We will need volunteers to help with preparations (planning, decorating ideas, seating assignments) and banquet day activities (trophy set-up, slideshow and poster set-up, seating assignments, and check-in).

Football Equipment/Cheer Uniform Return

Help us collect equipment from our players and uniforms from our cheerleaders.

Photography Coordinator(s)

Help our teams capture the excitement of the season! Photos will continue to be captured by our team volunteers during games and uploaded to our Shutterfly sites. We are looking for a Photography Coordinator(s) to make sure specific photos (i.e., action, headshot, team) are captured of each player and cheerleader. These special photos will be used for our homecoming posters, banquet slideshow, and yearbook.


Be a part of creating a special keepsake for our players and cheerleaders to have at the end of the season! Our Yearbook committee will work with the Photography Coordinator(s) and team photographers to help gather everyone’s favorite photos to be included in the yearbook. Our Yearbook committee will work together to build the yearbook, using online software.

Community Involvement Team

NYFA is looking to get our players and cheerleaders more involved in the Northville community, as well as finding ways to lend a helping hand. Help us gather teammates to walk in the 4th of July Parade and Holiday Lighted Parade. Or, work with our kids in a volunteer service project to help those in need.