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Colts Freshman Shut-Out the Braves to Advance to the 2023 Semi-Finals

10/23/2023, 10:45am EDT
By Kate Sikorski

On a cold and blustery day, the Colts Freshman team faced off against the Walled Lake Braves for the
first round of divisional playoffs. The team started out with a strong showing from the developmental
team. #11, Shota Nagai, with a big run to get a Colts first down on the 1 st and goal line. #8, Jonny
Trussler, ran the ball in for a Colts touchdown!
As the regular game time began, we had two big tackles by Carter Williams and #22, Owen Medvecky, to
stop the Braves drive. #10, Logan Clark, came out with a big tackle to stop the Braves again, and a
penalty brought the Braves back 10 yards. On the next attempt by the Braves, the Colts #2, Alexander
Smith and #48, Maximus Kegelmann, made some impressive tackles to stop the Braves at a 3 rd down and
10 yards to go. The Braves attempted a pass for a 4 th down which was incomplete, and the Braves turned
the ball over on downs. On the Colts first drive, they had Own Medvecky, #9 Carter Williams, and #12
Rocco Leone, carrying the ball down the field. A personal foul was called on the Braves, so the Colts
were able to advance a first down. Owen and Rocco made some impressive gains to get another 10
yards. #18, Connor Braziunas, carried the ball for a Colts first down. This writer’s favorite water boy #50
helped to hydrate his teammates at a critical moment as the game reached the end of the first quarter.
As the second quarter began, Rocco Leone had a gain of 5 yards for a 4 th down and 6 yards to go. Owen
Medvecky showed his speed with an impressive run for a Colts touchdown! The extra point attempt was
no good which left us with a score of 6-0 and 9:08 left in the second half. The defensive line worked
together, and we saw tackles from #9, #22, and #48, before a tackle by #45, Robert Elliott, forced a
turnover on downs. Once again, #22 Owen Medvecky had an impressive run for a gain of yards. The
Colts scored another touchdown, and the extra points were no good leaving the score at 12-0. #55, Tyler
Hurney, made a huge tackle on the Colts 37-yard line. #22 intercepted a pass at a critical point in the
game, on the Braves 18-yard line. The Colts offensive line was working as a great team, and we saw #18
and #22 carry the ball for a gain of yards. Colts ended the first half ahead 12-0!
A return from halftime saw the bright future of Colts football come out on the developmental squad yet
again. #20, Vincenzo DiMora had a gain of 8 yards, Shota Nagai carried the ball for another first down,
Jonny Trussler made a series of impressive twists and turns for yet another Colts first down. #15,
Beckham Orlando gave us an impressive tackle in the backfield to bring the Braves to a 2 nd down and 25
yards. #50, Stanislaw Sikorski, had an amazing quarterback sack to stop the Braves developmental time
and begin regular game time.
The Colts offensive line saw carries from #18, #22, and #9 but saw a turnover on downs at the Colts 32-
yard line. As the ball turned over, we saw the Colts defense step up in a major way. #18, Connor
Braziunas, and #21 Micah Czap made some impressive tackles before #48, Maximus Kegelmann
recovered a Braves fumble to force a turnover. The Colts fans again saw some impressive carries by #22,
before a turnover on downs occurred. Again, the Colts defensive line showed the fans their Colts spirit
with #45 and #18 stopping the Braves from advancing down the field. #21 had an amazing tackle in the
backfield. These boys were giving their all to not allow the Braves to advance an inch! A turnover on
downs occurred, which brought the Colts into possession of the ball. #22 carried the ball but the Colts
had a holding penalty for a replay of first down. #22 again carried the ball to the end of the third
The boys quickly recovered their momentum and completed a fantastic pass to #48 Maximus Kegelmann
who caught the ball wide open but was brought down by the Braves. #22 carried the ball again before it
was intercepted. The Colts were not about to let the Braves score, and the fans saw great tackles by #48

and #50 before #10, Logan Clark, gave us a huge quarterback sack in the backfield. #10 again showed his
prowess with another quarterback sack with help from #50, #9, and #21. These four boys stopped the
Braves and forced a turnover on downs. #22 and #9 had good runs to advance the ball before the clock
ran out. The whole team celebrated a Colts WIN! These boys worked hard and played a great game
which resulted in their advancement to the next round of the playoffs. GO COLTS!!

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