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Freshman Colts Persevere to 2023 Divisional Round Playoff Spot

10/17/2023, 5:15pm EDT
By Jill Orlando

It was a chilly but sunny morning at Tom Holzer Field where the Colts Freshman football team took on the Redford Eagles.  We opened up the game honoring our players and families with a special photo on the field.  

Begin with the developmental period.  Both teams score a touchdown, nice job #8, Johnny Trussler, for the Colts TD. 

Start of the first quarter, Colts will kick to Eagles and will hold them to no score, #18, Connor Braziunas,  with a great stop. Colts ball, quarterback keeper #12, Rocco Leone, gaining yards. Eagles will hold Colts to turnover on downs. Colts #21, Micah Czap, recovered an Eagle fumble.  Colts QB, #22, Owen Medvecky, with a long carry.  Colts fumble. Recovered by Eagles.  The Colts defense holds the Eagles. End of first quarter. No score. 

Start of the second quarter, Eagles ball, Colts force turnover on downs. Colts first down.  #12, Rocco Leone, moves the ball down.  The Eagles will hold the Colts and take the ball.  Not for long as #9, Carter Williams, will secure an interception. Eagles plenty will push to a Colts first down. Pass complete to #12 from Colts QB, #22, Owen Medvecky, .  Next play #12, Rocco Leone, will take a long run down the field for the first Colts touchdown. #22, Owen Medvecky,  will secure the extra point. 7-0 Colts. Eagles will secure this first touchdown, missed extra point. With 3 minutes left in the first half, 7-6 Colts. Eagles will kick to Colts.  Colts will move the ball down, but no score.  Turnover on downs. Eagles ball.  Long run by Eagles with a huge stop by #12, Rocco Leone.  The Eagles will eventually score a touchdown. Colts stop the extra point.  Head into halftime, 12-7 Eagles.  

Both teams' cheerleaders did a nice job with halftime shows. 

Development period will start the second half, with another Colts touchdown by #11, Shota Nagai.  

Third quarter will begin with Colts possession. Incomplete pass to #48, Maximus Kegelman. Eagles will hold Colts.  Eagles ball, #45, Robert Elliot, will tackle the carry. #10, Logan Clark, stops the Eagles. Eagles secure a first down. Eagles run it in for a touchdown and secure an extra point.  Colts #22, Owen Medvecky,  with a long return to Colts 30 yard line.  Long carry by #12, Rocco Leone, will get called back by a plenty.  Colts recover their fumble. Incomplete pass to #9, Carter Williams.  Turnover on downs.  Eagles ball.  They will take the ball down on their 46 yard line to end the third quarter.  

Fourth quarter will begin Eagles run tackle by #14. Christian Kulish. Eagle pass to 20 yard line.  #48, Maximus Kegelmann, tackle to hold them.  #48, Maximus Kegelman, will stop them again. 

Colts ball. #12, Rocco Leone, will carry for a few yards.  #22 , Owen Medvecky, with a long carry.  #12, Rocco Leone, with a long carry. #22, Owen Medvecky,  will secure the first down.  #48,  Maximus Kegelman, with a great catch to secure first down.  #18, Conner Braziunus, with another great catch to move the ball down.  Incomplete pass.  #12, Rocco Leone, with a carry.  Ball on Colts 29 yard line.  41 seconds left in the game.  Incomplete pass to #9, Carter Williams.  Colts throw an interception. Eagles take the ball at the 2 yard line. The Eagles will take the win, 19-7.  

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