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Colts Flag defeat Bobcats, 39-19

10/04/2023, 5:30pm EDT
By Brian Halpin

As September turned to October, two flag football heavyweights met at Novi High School as the Northville Colts travelled to take on the Novi Bobcats in a highly anticipated flag football matchup.  After the captains met at midfield and shook hands, the Bobcats started with the ball.  The Colts defense stood strong.  After a fumble and flag pulls by Benjamin Elliott, Michael Brady, and Jacob Stanley, the Bobcats turned the ball over on downs.  Austin Medvecky got things started for the Colts with a dynamic first down run.  After runs by Michael Brady, Enzo McCormick, and Benjamin Elliott, Enzo McCormick dashed to the end zone putting the Colts up 6-0.  The two-point conversion pass from Enzo to Austin was good.  Colts up 8-0.  After flag pulls by Matthew Badour and Austin Medvecky, Benjamin Elliott made a diving, touchdown saving flag pull after a long Bobcats run.  After a setback by a penalty, the Bobcats persevered and punched one in with a touchdown run.  With a successful extra point run the score was 8-7 Colts. 

Despite runs by Keegan Dewey and Hadi Hamza, the Colts offense stalled and they turned the ball back to the Bobcats.  After a fumble and a Keegan Dewey flag pull, Robby Berry shut down the Bobcats drive with a flag pull in the backfield.  After the turnover on downs, Keegan Dewey got the Colts moving with a long run.  Runs by Hadi Hamza and Keegan Dewey set up Connor Williams, who scored for the Colts on a touchdown run!  14-7 Colts.  Two-point pass conversion no good.  The Colts defense stood tall with flag pulls by Nikola Zahka and Bennett Chandler.  Thatcher Arvila pulled two flags, shutting down the Bobcats drive and starting a period of impressive defensive play by the Colts.  Ball back to the Colts.  Bennett Chandler had the Colts fans cheering, putting his speed on display as he took the end around to the house for a long touchdown run!  20-7 Colts.  Two-point pass conversion unsuccessful.  Lincoln Clark started the Colts defensive stand with a flag pull.  Anthony Berry pulled a flag, Bennett Chandler pulled two, and Thatcher Avila took over on defense, pulling four more flags on the drive, one in the backfield!  As the clock ticked down to halftime, the Bobcats attempted a down field pass which was intercepted on an athletic defensive play by Bennett Chandler!  Colts ball!  After a Thatcher Avila run the clock struck zeros and the Colts took a 20-7 lead into halftime. 

Jacob Stanley got the second half action started with a run, and Austin Medvecky delivered a Colts first down with a long run.  Finn Gallagher and Benjamin Elliott continued the Colts march down the field with runs, and Austin Medvecky took a reverse to the goal line with a long, highlight reel run.  That set up Matthew Badour, who took the handoff and punched in the touchdown run…Colts up 26-7!  Two-point pass attempt incomplete.  The Colts defense continued their strong play with flag pulls by Enzo McCormick, Jacob Stanley, and Hadi Hamza.  The Bobcats fourth down run was stopped by a pile of Colts as they converged on the Bobcats ball carrier…turnover on downs!  Robby Berry excited the crowd with a long run to the Bobcats four yard line!  After runs by Luca Jones, Roman Katty, and Hadi Hamza, Keegan Dewey took the fourth down handoff and juked all defenders to score on a TD run!  Colts up 32-7.  Keegan ran in the extra point to put the Colts up 33-7.  The Bobcats answered with a TD run of their own, making the score 33-13 Colts.  Two-point pass conversion no good. 

After runs by Hadi Hamza and Roman Katty, the clock struck zero and the fifth period ended.  As the final period began, runs by Luke Braziunas and Nikola Zahka moved the Colts down the field.  Anthony Berry took the handoff and sprinted to the endzone for a Colts touchdown!  39-13 Colts.  Extra point run no good.  After flag pulls by Luke Braziunas and Bennett Chandler, the Bobcats connected on a touchdown pass…39-19 Colts.  Extra point run no good.  After runs by Thatcher Avila, Luke Braziunas, and Anthony Berry, followed by a successful pass from Bennett to Thatcher, the Colts ate up the remaining time.  As the final buzzer sounded the Colts gazed up to the scoreboard showing a final score of 39-19.  The fans erupted and the Colts players high fived and congratulated each other on a well earned victory.  Congratulations to both teams for a competitive, well played game!  Go Colts! 

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