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Colts secure the WIN,13-0, over the Commerce Chargers

09/27/2023, 2:00pm EDT
By Jill Orlando

It was a nice fall morning at Tom Holzer Field and the Northville Colts Freshman football team were ready to rumble as they took on Commerce Chargers on their home turf.  The game would start with Chargers possession but quickly turn to Colts as #55, Tyler Hurney, recovered an early Chargers fumble.  Colts move the ball down with quarterback keep by #22, Owen Medvecky.  Chargers hold the Colts.  The Colts defense looked strong as the Chargers continued to get blocked by #12, Rocco Leone.   Colts, #21, Micah Czap and #48, Maximus Kegelmann, both make big plays as we hold the Chargers.  The first quarter will end with an amazing stop by #9, Carter Williams,  and we head into the second quarter scoreless.  

Exciting start with a turnover on downs by the Chargers. Colts are first on the scoreboard with a touchdown by #12, Rocco Leone. Colts secured the extra point, 7-0.  Charger's ball but Colts defense continues to push, with both #40, Maxwell Emsley, and #48, Maximus Kegelmann, forcing loss of yards as Chargers are not successful moving the ball forward.  Chargers QB is down as #40, Maxwell Emsley, pushes through.  The Colts continue to push the Chargers back.  #9, Carter Williams, with a carry for a few yards, followed up by another #12, Rocco Leone, touchdown.  Rocco was too fast for the Chargers to stop him as he ran 50+ yards to secure another spot on the scoreboard for the Colts.  Missed extra point, the game is 13-0 Colts with 1:30 left in the second quarter.  And the score will hold there as we head into halftime. 

Shout out to the Colts Freshman cheerleaders as they keep the crowds entertained during the half.  

Colts Black Attack looked good as they continued to refine their skills during the development period. Chargers kick to the Colts for the start of the third quarter, with a solid pass by Colts QB, #22, Owen Medvecky, to #48, Maximus Kegelmann, Colts will secure a first down.  Another great pass by #22, this time to #12, Rocco Leone, for a gain of yards.  Chargers and Colts will both continue to hold each other for scoring as the team's defense forces turnover on down multiple times throughout the third quarter.  

We head into the fourth quarter as the score remains 13-0 Colts.  Chargers fumble early on with #2, Alexander Smith, for a Colts recovery.  #87, Sawyer Mathews, with a good carry for Colts gain of yards.  The fourth quarter will continue to mirror the last as both teams continue to hold strong with no one getting close to the end zone.  Two minutes left in the game, Colts put in #11, Shota Nagai, for a good carry to move the ball down.  Sawyer Mathews, #87, will end the game with a long run and the Northville Colts will secure this WIN,13-0, over the Commerce Chargers.  Way to go Colts! 

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