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Colts Emerged Victorious over the Orioles, 47-36

09/25/2023, 6:45pm EDT
By Brian Halpin

On a cool Sunday morning the Northville Colts woke early to take on the Livonia Orioles on the road, looking to bounce back  from a last minute 1 point defeat the week before.  The Colts came out of the gate strong.  Runs by Michael Brady, Enzo McCormick, and Austin Medvecky marched the team down the field.  Enzo McCormick put the Colts on the board with a touchdown run, and Austin Medvecky showed off his athleticism with a diving catch of an Enzo McCormick pass to complete the 2-point conversion.  8-0 Colts!  The Orioles first drive stalled when Robby Berry pulled a flag on 4th down…turnover on downs.  Hadi Hamza and Roman Katty moved the Colts down the field with strong runs, and Keegan Dewy scored on a long touchdown run.  Keegan also complete the extra point run…Cost up 15-0! 

After a TD run by the Orioles and a successful extra point the score was 15-7.  After a Roman Katty run, Keegan Dewey scored on his second long TD run, however the Colts failed to convert the extra point…21-7 Colts!  After another Orioles TD run, a missed extra point made the score 21-13. The Colts next drive stalled out…turnover on downs.  The Colts defense stepped up with flag pulls by Lincoln Clark, Connor Williams, Thatcher Arvila, and Bennett Chandler.  Turnover on downs!  After a run by Bennett Chandler, and a completed pass from Connor Williams to Thatcher Arvila, Connor Williams scored on a long touchdown run…extra point no good.  Colts up 27-13.  After a Connor Williams flag pull the Colts went into the locker room for halftime, up 27-13.

The second half began with strong Colts defense.  Austin Medvecky and Jacob Stanley pulled flags, and Jacob nearly intercepted a pass.  Colts ball on downs!  Austin Medvecky started the action with a run and Enzo McCormick broke free for a long touchdown run!  Extra point no good…Colts up 33-13.  Flag pulls by Enzo McCormick, Benjamin Elliot, Austin Medvecky, Keegan Dewey, and Luca Jones weren’t enough to stop the Orioles who scored on a run and completed a 2 point conversion pass, making the score 33-21.  After a Roman Katty run, Robby Berry put the Colts back on the board with a long touchdown run!  Keegan Dewey ran in the extra point…Colts up 40-21!

After a Luca Jones flag pull, the Orioles scored again and completed the 2-point conversion pass, making the score 40-29 Colts.  Hadi Hamza took the handoff and broke free for a long touchdown run and Keegan Dewey converted the extra point run…Colts up 47-29.  The Orioles bounced back and scored with a successful extra point bringing the score to 47-36 colts.  The Colts offense stalled and turned the ball back to the Orioles.  Then Bennet Chandler took over on defense with three consecutive flag pulls!  Thatcher Arvila pulled a flag and the Colts got the ball back.  The Colts weren’t able to get anything going on offense and turned the ball back over to the Orioles.  The Orioles last drive was shut down with flag pulls by Connor Williams with 2, Bennett Chandler, and Luke Braziunas. 

As time on the clock expired, the Colts emerged victorious, 47-36, improving their record to 2-1.  Way to go Colts! 

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