Program Vision

The Northville Youth Football Association is a non-profit organization in the city of Northville, Michigan and consists of the Northville Colts and Stallions teams. Our organization exists to educate and instruct boys and girls, ages 6-14, in the sports of football and cheerleading. The Colts and Stallions programs guide boys and girls to improve their physical, mental and moral well-being, and to develop a sense of fair play and good sportsmanship.

It is our vision to create a positive experience for the youth of Northville, as well as positive behaviors that our youth will exhibit over a lifetime.  In order to accomplish that vision, we must:

  • Achieve high levels of parental involvement in all aspects of the organization.
  • Maintain and encourage a continual emphasis on academics during the season and throughout the entire school year.
  • Create opportunities for all players to develop their knowledge of the game and improve their skill levels throughout the course of the season.
  • Build and maintain a sense of community within the organization and across the City of Northville. 

Our Program believes in developing strong leaders by encouraging and rewarding strong academic achievement, teaching the lessons of dedication, honest effort and fair play.


NYFA and its volunteers and sponsors share the dream that every child who wants to play football or cheer has the opportunity despite financial constraints. This prompted the "Circle Of Giving Back" concept.  Each child enrolled in the this program is encouraged to remember and thank their parents and the many volunteers who selflessly give of themselves to their communities in which they live in order to model and promote community involvement to tomorrows leaders.


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